Top Tips for Google AdWords

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1. What are my goals?

Before starting with Adwords, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself: Is Adwords right for my business? Despite Adwords’ many advantages over other advertising mediums, it’s not the best way of acquiring customers for all businesses.

2. Do I have a well-designed website to achieve these goals?  

No matter how well-managed your Adwords account is, if you’re sending your visitors to a website that hasn’t been well-designed with your business goals in mind, your advertising is unlikely to be profitable.

3. Can I commit to Adwords advertising?

One of the advantages of Adwords is that it allows you to get started very quickly. However, this ofen leads new advertisers to decide that “Adwords doesn’t work” afer a week of advertising because they’re not getting the results that they hoped for. Regardless of your budget, you should commit to using Adwords for about 3 months before deciding whether it’s right for you.

4. Research keywords

Proper keyword research is crucial to the success of your Adwords advertising – if you don’t get this right you can be almost certain that your advertising won’t be profitable.

5. Build a Keyword List

The best place to start building your keyword list will be your website, which will include the main terms that describe your business and its products/services.

6. Use Google’s Keyword Tool

Once you’ve put together a basic list of keywords for your business’ products/services, you can use the Google Keyword Tool to find related terms to develop a more complete list. This is important, because your customers may use different words and phrases when looking for your product/services.

7. Write compelling ads

Know your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP explains why a customer should buy your product / service. Including this in your ad will differentiate it from all of the other ads/search results around it. Include a call-to-action in your ad and make sure to include a keyword.

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DMiMayo, Google AdWords, Digital Marketing Clinic, Mark Newcombe

Mark Newcombe is a Digital Marketing Consultant and Google AdWords specialist. He is currently working with two Mayo-based start-up companies, TaxHug and CloudStrong, to maximise their advertising spend on the Google platform. If you would like to contact Mark you can email him: [email protected] or phone: 085 102 0563