Adrian Cawley: Successful Local Online Retailer

Adrian is a computer systems engineer by training. After qualifying, he spent 9 years with a point-of-sale company installing till systems primarily linked to the Musgrave Group. In the latter years, he was a project manager for remote support and software rollout to customers. From this, Adrian gained indirect experience of retailing in different sectors of the market.

When he went into business for himself, Adrian looked at developing software for the automotive industry as well as the footwear and fashion world. He opened SCHU-IT on James Street in Westport in 2008 during the downturn but there was an opening at the time for mid-market price point footwear in Westport.

The business got off to a strong start and moved to Bridge Street in Westport about 3 years later. Schu-It has now been trading for almost 7 years in this unit.  In addition to this, Adrian said, “In keeping with my technical instincts, I started selling online 5-6 years ago, with This grew by 100 – 200% for the first 2-3 years. It really took off”.

In June 2016, Adrian added to his business by opening a ladies fashion store on Shop Street, Westport. The theme here is casual and smart-casual clothing at affordable prices, keeping quality and style in mind. “To date this has being a great success and trading well. We have added all our clothing lines to our website and traction is building in the last 2 months. We are currently looking at re-branding the site to give it a more combined fashion look since including the clothing”, said Adrian.

business panel


We are looking forward to Adrian onto the business panel for the evening hearing his own insights into being a successful retailer online.

Adrian will be joined by Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies, Carraig Donn, and GMIT Mayo.