Digital Marketing in Mayo (DMiMayo)

Mayo has plenty to offer in terms of Digital Marketing and Social Media. The rest of the country have great resources and regular events to help business go online. So, here in Mayo, we want to be able to do the same.

DMiMayo’s main aim is to help those who are already online improve their Digital Marketing and for those who have not yet taken that step, we are going to encourage you to do so. No more having to travel all over the country, we are going to bring expert speakers to you.

We will invite local businesses who have had success from going digital and they will tell you their stories. We will work together to keep up with the fast paced digital world while making great connections along the way.

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Then if you have not done so already, make sure you sign up today.

Digital is the future. Therefore, DMiMayo could be a valuable resource for you’re business.

Don’t get left behind!

To find out more about how DMiMayo came about and the team working hard in the background to bring it all together, you can read more here.